What the World Needs Now

The great hope for this world is found in the way of life which Joshua presented 2000 years ago. In this time of great economic, political and social upheaval, there has never been a greater need for the transforming power of the religion of the Kingdom of Heaven without the various doctrines which have been added on to the simple truth that God is our Father and we are his Sons.

The world needs a fresh, unadulterated message of this truth. The world needs the person of Joshua shining through the true believers who will not compromise with religious dogma and tradition. The world needs to see Joshua in the face of those who willingly and cheerfully walk the second mile, who see every man, woman and child as their brother or sister, part of the greater family of God.

The world needs believers who really want to do the will of God, who would rather serve God than the church. I believe quite sincerely that the world is heading for a crisis of epic proportions on all fronts: economic collapse, environmental disaster, political upheaval, civil unrest, civil wars, the rise of a global totalitarian regime, the chaos of religious militancy and the clash of bankrupt political and religious ideologies.

The abortion which is coming is the still birth of a religion without God, without morals, without a soul and without a conscience: a religion of death and defilement; a religion of self-indulgence and self-gratification; a religion which practices the oppression of the many for the exaltation of the few – a religion of the control of man by man.

God help us all if we the believers are so caught up in religious traditions and fear-based prophecies that preach the same tired routine of an elite chosen who await the return of a militant king who will slay all political and religious enemies and install the religious elite as the rulers of the earth.

How could it be possible for the Prince of Peace who taught us to love our enemies and pray for those who spitefully persecute us, to be suddenly transformed into a vengeful tyrant? The scriptures truly are a revealer of the thoughts and intents of the hearts of men. The persistent theology of political control over others reveals a heart bent on gratification and the pride of self that exalts itself over others as the highest ideal.

A great idea is worth repeating and Joshua had some really great ideas. He said that he who desires to be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven must be servant of all. The real saving truth of what Joshua ben Joseph taught was wrapped up in the simple truth that God is our Father and we are his sons. This Sonship in God and God’s Fatherhood to his sons ought to be the essence of all religions: we are created by a loving, caring, compassionate supernatural being who desires to bless us and make us more like him.

All we need to do is get with the program and follow the leading of the spirit of this same Creator/Father who lives within us. This means desiring to do the Father’s will above all else. I hope that after reading this short book you will be encouraged to get with the program in a fresher and more meaningful way.

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