Born Again

In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven you must be born again.

When Joshua ben Joseph taught us to be as little children, he did not mean we must be innocent and childish again. He meant we must become a Child of God recognizing the Fatherhood of our God who dwells in Paradise. This same supernatural Creator who is greater than a universe, who knows the stars by name is also our closest friend, lives inside us and is loser than a brother.

We begin our mortal, material life in the flesh the day we are born from our mother’s womb. We begin our eternal, spiritual life the day we are born from the womb of the spirit which joins with us in an everlasting journey to the Paradise of God.

Our earthly parents bring us to a life in this world, our Heavenly Father brings us to a life in the next.

Even a blind man can tell when he is walking in the sun. God is so close, so near to us, that truly only a blind man cannot see it. He is here every day of our lives looking out into the world through our very eyes, seeing what we see, experiencing what we experience. But you are not in the flesh; you are in the spirit, if the Spirit of God dwells within you.

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