Positive Commands

The Son of Man taught positive commandments. His instructions require that we do something in contrast with the Law’s list of thou shall not’s. He revealed to us, not only by his words, but by his actions the better way of life. The reason the Law is obsolete is because Joshua gave us a revelation of the divine law.

His commands include:

  • seek you first the kingdom of heaven
  • ask and you shall receive
  • knock and the door shall be opened
  • love the Lord your God with all your heart
  • love your neighbor as yourself
  • pray for your enemies
  • you must forgive others first in order to be forgiven
  • show mercy in order to receive mercy

Joshua taught a dynamic, active faith. His was not the introspective psychology of modern man who seeks mental stability through inner analysis and self-study. Joshua taught a religion of doing good based on our relation as an earthly mortal translated into an eternal faith-son of a spiritual Father.

Salvation from self comes from the attainment of perfection in the pursuit of God. Righteousness is something we achieve. It takes commitment over time in the day to day choosing of the right path. Each day it gets easier and easier for the believer to do the right thing.

The religion of Joshua requires effort. It also requires courage and commitment. Loving God with all our heart and soul and mind has profound implications for the sincere believer. It means a personality completely dedicated to the doing of the will of God.

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