Personal Experience

The Son of Man taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. The life in the Kingdom of Heaven is something we experience in our inner soul. The only way to know whether God exists is through our own personal experience. Only by personal contact with this invisible creator can we know for certain that God is real.

No argument of logic or reason, no scientific study can prove that God is real. There is no empirical evidence for God because is not made of material, empirical things – he is spirit and made of spirit, something which is outside of time and space and not composed of atoms or energy particles.

Through the experiences we have with our Father and our spiritual brothers we grow. Because of the desire which grows in us to do good to others, we increasingly manifest the love of God to our fellows. The social service we perform for others, even the giving of a small child a cup of water, enables us to experience the saving power of putting our own needs aside in favor of the greater good of others.

Real religion is personal and experienced on an individual level. Organized church is the socialization of this truth. We congregate based on shared similar religious experiences. True religion is the care of widows and orphans. This doesn’t mean that if we don’t take care of widows and orphans we are not religious. What James was getting at was that the active service to others was a more authentic display of religious experience than merely going through the motions by following religious rituals. Sunday morning church attendance does not make you a religious person. It makes you the member of a religious social club.

Until you actually become a true faith son of the living God, you will not really have the natural desire to serve others cheerfully. The more we love God and the more we serve others and gain useful and practical experience, the more we experience God and the more we grow and are able to serve others in greater capacity and sincerity.

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