In order to understand salvation we must first understand the most fundamental truth about the universe, the world we live in and the God we serve. The most essential fact of existence is that God created the universe and everything in it. This is not a theological or philosophical argument, nor is it a hypothetical concept: it is a fact.

The most essential truth of our religion, or any religion for that matter is that God is our Father and we are his children. He created us, he fathered our existence. God is not simply a mechanistic creator – the universe he created and maintains is based on love.

Therefore our creator is benevolent. He desires to do good to us and for us. The universe is not just hunks of rock and spinning gas in space – everything is created with the principle of love, everything is permeated and surrounded by the everywhere-present reality of God.

All matter and energy, both physical and spiritual flow from the throne of God, from paradise which is the source of all reality.

The second thing we need to understand is that salvation is survival. If we die without salvation then there can be no eternal life for us. The body will return to the soil from whence it came and we will be remembered no more.

And thirdly, salvation is by faith. We cannot see this invisible God. No man can see God and live. The only proof we can have that God is real is through our own personal experience with him. No amount of logic or reasoning will do. The believer and the non-believer share the same dilemma. Neither can find the evidence to support their arguments on the existence or non-existence of God.

Once we know there is a God because we have experienced him, we realize what kind of God he is: that he is fatherly and loving and caring. The man who sees God as a hard man, harvesting where he has not sown and gathering where he has not scattered seed doesn’t really know God.

Once we recognize that God is our Father, we can begin the new born life as a faith son. This world is the embryo of the next. Once we begin our new life, we start to learn as a child about what this spiritual world or kingdom of heaven is all about.

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