Godly Person

The desire to be more like God comes with the recognition of our mortality and imperfection. The more we are aware of our own shortcomings, weaknesses and incompleteness, the more we desire to be holy and pure like God. Godly sorrow brings about repentance. Repentance leads to holiness. To be righteous does not mean not doing the wrong things, it means doing the right things. It means doing good. The Son of Man said those who thirst after righteousness will be filled. This means righteousness is attainable. We can do it.

Be holy as I am holy. This seemingly impossible command is the encouraging word of God to center our whole being on the pursuit of godliness and holiness. Without holiness no man may see the Lord. This doesn’t mean we must first be perfect in order to be saved or to find favor with God. God is concerned with our attempt; that our desire is to be like him.

People judge by the outward appearance, God judges by our motives. Every man in his heart thinks he is right, but God searches our hearts.

The Godly person’s whole purpose, their reason for being is to follow the leading of the indwelling spirit, to be more God-knowing and God-like. It doesn’t mean we cease to struggle or cease to be human and suddenly we are perfect. It means we are on the road to perfection, on the path which is laid before us.

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