Inner Man

The real goal of our salvation is to turn us from material-minded animals into spiritually-minded eternal creatures. With the patient, gentle and fatherly love of the spirit which indwells you, day by day, step by step you are being made into a spiritual being. Without the aid and presence of the Spirit we are only clever animals.

So God can clearly show them that they are like animals.

 For the fate of humans and the fate of animals are the same:

As one dies, so dies the other; both have the same breath.

There is no advantage for humans over animals,

for both are fleeting.

 Both go to the same place,

both come from the dust,

and to dust both return.

The most amazing thing of all creation is that God has designed this plan for the mortal man to ascend from a lowly animal to an eternal, spiritual creature who can join the ranks of the angels and become as they are. We can always be grateful for the opportunity we are give to rise from the self-seeking creature of hunger and lust to the heights of perfection and eternal destiny.

For many believers, of which I am one, the change was quite dramatic from the day of salvation. Some people slowly enter into salvation and imperceptibly become convinced of the reality of God and the path of eternal destination which awaits them. For others, the day of salvation is dramatic and the immediate change in the behavior is radical. This change is also dependent upon the depth of the surrender to the will of God.

The transformation of the inner man is often an intense and protracted struggle. There is no conflict in the mind of either the completely material minded person or for the completely spiritually minded person. The believer who is caught up in the middle is often in a prolonged battle.

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