Self-Control and Self-Respect

self-controlAt the heart of the Son of Man’s teaching is self-control and self-respect. Joshua taught this by his personal life. He never did anything which would lower his opinion of himself. Though he was never selfish, he did not lower himself to the level of his enemies. When struck he did not strike back. When insulted he did return insult. When falsely accused he did not respond with futile arguments.

He was poised and articulate. He did not rule others by lording it over them: he commanded respect by the sincere love he had of humans and the lengths he was willing to go to show them the better way of life. He was truly the King of Kings, though he established a kingdom with no castle or lands or soldiers or money.

Though he lived a nomadic, austere and rustic life during the time of his ministry, he behaved like a king in all his word and deed. He placed very high value on the person, often going out of his way to interact with the individual. He really had faith in people and gave them confidence by the sheer strength of his positive, friendly, dynamic personality.

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