The Evolving Soul

The spiritual mind which comes with the ever-increasing love of God is the combined conscious reality of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, prayers and acts of worship to God. Mind is more than consciousness however. It is the expression of the God-made personality combined with the mortal-lived experience of your existence.

Personality is the stamp of God. There are no two people created alike. God uses no molds though all are patterned after the image of the Father. Personality does not change. It is the one constant thing in our individual lives other than the constant changeless God. Our uniqueness is a reminder that God made us and values us as individual people.

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

The indwelling Spirit is daily bringing us closer and closer to ultimate union with him. When our will is completely entwined with his, when we have forever made the decision to irrevocably follow God, we are one with the Father as Joshua was one with God. The union of our mind with the Spirit of God is the soul.

This soul is evolving, growing, emerging; daily approaching the divinity of God.  Upon material death, the soul escapes the bonds of the flesh and leaves behind the mortal coil.

There are celestial bodies and there are earthly bodies. We may be given new bodies, yet our soul remains intact as it was on earth. There is no magic or miraculous event which transforms us into perfected sons of God. It is something we must attain, by faith, step by step, by following the leading of the Spirit who speaks to our minds and pulls us towards our paradise destination.

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